BWSL Anyone ?

Bandra to Worli in under 7 mins ? The long awaited wish has finally been fulfilled.

In the unfortunate case that you dont know what im talking about (in that case you should definitely pay attention) this is the Bandra-Worli Sea Link (or whatever name it would be called) that has changed the skyline of Mumbai.

After a long wait, watching it grow inch by inch, it finally opened to the public on 1st July 2009 at 7:00AM. I had the chance to “experience it” along with my aunt,grandad, bro and mom at around 7:30 the same morning. Being in the Festive First Five Free days the toll of Rs50 was not applicable to us or the hundreds others present.
It was indeed a real pleasure travelling on it, soaking in the ‘early morning air’ and the breathtaking skyline that is Mumbai. Moving through the cable-stayed way really invoked a magistic feeling that will surely last me a lifetime. The Link was more like a tourist hotspot with All eagerly craning out of the ( usually shut) windows to capture figments of their memory. This is what made the Experience Extra ‘Especial’. For a change the “oh! do i know you?” or the “oh! do you exist?” Mumbaikars were smilling across windows, gesturing and exchanging the shared extacy.
In the car beside us was “a-live” radio reporter whom i quote ” there are Generations of Mumbaikars travelling with me”. After smiling pleasantly at her- to our great surprise she sprang out of her car to catch a few bytes out of my grandad. Apart from radio the television crew were there too…but now in hindsight i feel that it was the mood of the mumbaikar and the feeling in his heart/mind that was to be captured rather than the large queues of cars at the ports of entry or exit.
Now what remains to be seen is what the mood is after 5 days ( or probably a month). Is it still friendly people enjoying the engineering landmark or is it ‘business’ as usual with ‘cars’ rather than peeople rushing to work or returning from yet another day.

Author: mysterytryst

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