The Devils Alternative

Recently i went through ‘The Devils Alternative’ all over Again. And even now the book had the ability to take my breath away. The way the author presents the history behind the characters or even large organisations and leads to the present events and makes the characters take Futuristic decisions is really enchanting. One thing i loved about the plot is the way it unfalteringly opens up providing us a peek into the uppermost echelons of global power. I still get the same feeling…the significance of the title hitting me.
Being really busy these past days…this much should be enough for here….for now.

Author: mysterytryst

Hi. Here i am venting out some stuff into cyberspace with the hope that it'll be considered as great words of wisdom in some mysterious far away alien world...till then hope you have a good time here getting a glimpse of my experiences, trips and observations.... Please feel free to connect, comment, like and share. Id love to hear your thoughts and reactions. © All content is mine, share with due credit.

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