Attn: Change in Command Centre ! :) :(

My temporary absence from here is due to my ongoing preprations of travel abroad. Im really very pained to leave the comfort of my good old chair…the one that has really stood strong under me and bore all my….well you know what…
But from now on i assure you dear reader(s) (hoping there are some in the plural) that ull be hearing or actually reading from me quite soon….from the Big Apple.
Till then, join me in bidding adieu to…everything.

Author: mysterytryst

Hi. Here i am venting out some stuff into cyberspace with the hope that it'll be considered as great words of wisdom in some mysterious far away alien world...till then hope you have a good time here getting a glimpse of my experiences, trips and observations.... Please feel free to connect, comment, like and share. Id love to hear your thoughts and reactions. © All content is mine, share with due credit.

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