Food Theory

Shreekhand fresh from the cows, butter straight from the dairy, puran-poli and puri-bhajji steaming from the kitchens, fishfry or mutton masala cooked with care (read pain), fresh idli and dosa- fermented just right overnight, sarson da saag, aromatic biryanis cooked with authentic spices and formulae or the seemingly crude vada-pav and cutting -chai

pasta and lasanga with detailed concoctions of spices and sauces, the aroma of stew and chicken noodle soup, tossed vegetables in the blend of soy and chili….

each dish painfully made with tender loving care, toiling hours in the kitchen, tasting and re-tasting to make sure its all just right… but at the end, the joy to relish… special occasions special food, good times good food, people and food, food and people…

So, having a heavily watering mouth, i meander back to the topic i have at hand….. i heard somewhere recently (pretty sure it was a movie, but cant remember which one, and so the garb of somewhe
re :\) … that people or communities (or countries) who have an ‘intimate relation’ with food are typically those that have been through the tough times of drought and famine and poverty or slavery and colonization 😛
…. for it is he who has lost and found knows what it truly means….
Having been born and brought-up in such a country myself (like a gazillion others here and elsewhere) (i think the long list of dishes at the top gives it away, hopefully) i cant help but ponder over, or perhaps dig deeper into; this with a thumping heart and an invisible smile…

Author: mysterytryst

Hi. Here i am venting out some stuff into cyberspace with the hope that it'll be considered as great words of wisdom in some mysterious far away alien world...till then hope you have a good time here getting a glimpse of my experiences, trips and observations.... Please feel free to connect, comment, like and share. Id love to hear your thoughts and reactions. © All content is mine, share with due credit.

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