Sitting at a desk
i gaze at the changes
both within and beyond
the window.

beginning this summer
lush green and inviting
sunshine streaming in…

now the trees glow
in natures splendid show,
brightly alit
the colors of fall

but passing on, leaves drop by
at great pace…
counting down to what seems yet another winter,
bidding their time
for the future in store

but for now, small talks…
Autumn equinox!

mushy musing!

cold evening pastimes
acting on lazy enzymes,
playing around word by word
o what a nerd!

fed, watered..
warm and tucked in…
venting words unheard.
letting your head spin.

pondering. wondering. dreaming.

corrugated by the vagaries of the earthly,
innocence lost dumbly
somewhere in the tides of time.
Yet in moments sublime
with child like glee
cherish everything left behind by thee.

come fly with me

clickity clack clickity clack
churning on the spokes…
mile after mile go back
riding though the oaks.

sliding through the gears
up and down; up and down
air whizzing through your ears
flying around town

huff and puff
and huff and puff
getting a little tough
sure enough

biking up a slope
with even more panting,
end in sight; a constant hope
the journey quite enchanting

soaking in the outdoors
sun wind and rain
cooler climes one always adores
finally all pulled up, on the well greased chain

basking in the feat
resting your trusty feet
and your tired seat
while grabbing a bite to eat

the ride just begins to thrill
as you let go downhill
totally free with simple glee
so come fly away with me

Holiday !

I was in LA

on a holiday
amidst a welcoming company
time quite just slipped away.
reliving the good ole history
the years gone bye seem only yesterday…
a tryst with the city
without much of a mystery
a walk around Hollywood
and the day was all good…
gazing at the stars on the ground
and up in the sky- at the observatory
basking in sunshine on the beach
made me realize with a stride each
how much missed the openness was
that was until just over a year
so commonplace
the plush streets at Beverly
mouth watering clearly
PCH at its scenic beauty
downtown la for its staggering majesty
theres a word of caution
of oppression in the street
each one on the guard
keeping friendly greetings at bay…
quite foreign for a small towner each day
soaking in the year-end
amongst a sea of revelers
Universal merriment
laughter and screams
after what seems like ages
and to top it all
‘home’ made delicacies
and jolly company
concluded my tryst
with the city of angels?
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