Rock a by baby……..

After really hectic weeks i finally got some time out, and watched the highly acclaimed ROCK ON !!……i normaly am not into evaluating movies publicly but its the situation that i was in that prompted me to type out here.

13/9/2008 , 8:00 was the show; and my bro and i reached there at 815 thinking that we had missed the beginning….and i really hate it( no paisa vasool u know)…however having stepped in–to our much delight– the promo of ‘Karzz’ had just got over (pun unintended) …….and we setteled down to enjoy the rocking time.
Almost instantly we got a call from home sounding a word of caution -about the serial bomb-blasts RoCkInG Delhi. It was basically like- take care and come back as soon as possible but the bottom line was ull shouldnt have gone today……leaving the worry and all aside; one thing i cant get right is what exactly are we, in specific, and the public in general supposed to do in a situation like that?? The ‘national capital’ rocking away and the tremors of terror shaking up mumbai…..
I feel that pondering and debating such issues and situations is important ; the main thing is to carry on with life and ROCK ON !!

Even though i am a self admitted zilch at music and not at all pedantic about rOcK music particularly, i must say (i am saying infact) that its struck some chord somewhere….i enjoyed the racy music and the classy performances; of especially Adi and KD….
More praise for the film are to be kept for some other time….. Until then….

(hope to have got the beat right)

An Ode to ‘The Shops’

Last week i went to shop
and now that i stop-
and think, i wonder how it waz.
And hence this ode
to the fare on linking road.

Where; along the crowded street,
jostle many a thousand feet-
getting the trendiest of their wares.
The variety of the goods
catches even the reluctant’s mood,
and with everyone in the groove;
its very difficult even to move.

Loaded till ones heart’s content
begins the time worth every cent-
cauz its no use later to repent
on the prices spent;
Fickel as the stock market.
Both drive a hard bargain,
but in the end it has to be everybody’s gain.

after loads of haggling
You cant avoid smirking,
But the keen eye catches-
even the shopkeeper smirking.
This takes me dear
to the point i think u’ll fear…..

If both are happy with the deal,
How much were the articles actually worth?
my mind still beats,
asking- are they all cheats??

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