Comment OK Please !!

Okay, now if you haven’t figured out from where the title comes…there you go. Actually…to be quite frank it came as a real revelation, a surprise for me too….

Anyways….now that you are done pondering and exclaiming over those three simple looking words…let me draw your attention to the topic i have at hand….
In the times of fb statuses, twitter updates and Buzz….blogging seems to be a thing of the past. Now, im still a newbie in the field of blogging and so will not take the been-there-done-that tone and dole out lamenting comments on the state of affairs. But really, with one being able to post thoughts, statuses, snippets, videos et al. in just a few clicks; in a matter of seconds- and be able to connect with a known/reliable audience, is surely more enticing than typing out figments of ones philosophy, thoughts on life etc into the world wide web and then also take efforts in drawing traffic to the blog.
Another aspect that sets apart the 2 forms of connecting is the feedback and comment system. Traditionally bloggers stay connected and get feedback and reader opinions through the comments for each blog or a new post on the readers own blog. While on the other hand inline comments, immediate notifications to all previous participants keeps the discussion alive and engrossing. Even though tools such as GoogleReader, RSS feeds and syndicates have simplified the blog discussion and made the updates much easier to follow for the reader by bringing the blog quite literally into the inbox, it doesnt quite much match up to the elegance of fb/ twitter and the lot.
But..hold on all you Twitter and fb buffs…..theres always a second side to everything…Blogging does have an edge and thats reach and readership. fb/twitter/buzz updates could be followed, discussed by only a bunch of people, though personally known to the ‘poster’. A blog on the other hand is your very own personal space in the web, open to one and all(although a privacy protected registered readers blog exists as well). So a blogger stands to get readership and /or opinions from any prying eyes that care to wander over his page.This also enables one to engage in publicity strategies such as linking to other sites, signing up with traffic monitors and controllers like FeedJit, Digg, StumbleUpon etc, that inculcates a healthy entrepreneurial nature. ( Oh Gosh this sounds straight out of some B-school)
PS: So moral of the story: Comment OK Please ! 😉

Author: mysterytryst

Hi. Here i am venting out some stuff into cyberspace with the hope that it'll be considered as great words of wisdom in some mysterious far away alien world...till then hope you have a good time here getting a glimpse of my experiences, trips and observations.... Please feel free to connect, comment, like and share. Id love to hear your thoughts and reactions. © All content is mine, share with due credit.

4 thoughts on “Comment OK Please !!”

  1. The Horn OK Please wiki is out of the box. I never thought there was a wiki for that too. On kerosene was sound, but OK TATA is frivolous. Next time I can boast about it to someone as if it is true. Btw, great point. I actually feel that Facebook and Soc Net though driven by feedback cannot replace blogs. You can compare it thus. Soc net is like talking on the phone, meeting daily, talking routine stuff, chitchating, wasuping etc. Blogging is like that not-so-routine trigger you get when you feel like talking a lot about something hatke to someone and dont want to desecrate it posting it on soc net site..where the limelight will be momentary.


  2. yes..very true about the limelight… another thing i like is the numerous variety in blog categories… like travel, philosophy, history , even jokes and daily thoughts and musings… get to learn so much more…


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