StarShucks !

As i just sit by

using the free Wi-Fi
i happen to stumble
on a random rumble ( :P)
is bringing a high to billion lucks
The aroma of dark brewed beans
surely a connoisseur knows what this means
a whiff of chocolate in the air
here there every where
as coffee’s largest chain
cozy and comfy thro hail, snow and rain
a nook in every US city
its a pity
i dont get royalty
for such publicity
but whom am i to complain?
it let me survive on exquisite coffee
and free net in bargain !

Author: mysterytryst

Hi. Here i am venting out some stuff into cyberspace with the hope that it'll be considered as great words of wisdom in some mysterious far away alien world...till then hope you have a good time here getting a glimpse of my experiences, trips and observations.... Please feel free to connect, comment, like and share. Id love to hear your thoughts and reactions. © All content is mine, share with due credit.

3 thoughts on “StarShucks !”

  1. i know what a patron you are of coffee…and in a land where it has been patronised all the more…you sure must be on a high…you can get a part time earning outta da royalty..enjoy the cuppa..


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